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get out your d10, give me a simple test, and roll a will save

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This is a forum to talk ABOUT RPing. It can be questions, funny stories, great plot ideas, anything. You can post whatever you want and talk about whatever you want.

There are two things I don't want here:
1) RPing. I don't like RP forums. I'll talk ABOUT RPing but don't write a three page description about how you walk into the bar with your flowing trenchcoat. (You light up a cigarette magically without a lighter and then wander over to the bar and order bloodwyne. You take the glass from the counter and sit at an empty table in a dark corner...this bar must be a dodecathon because there are so many goddamn dark corners.)
2) Don't pitch your games. Let me rephrase that. You can pitch your games but don't make it your business to ONLY pitch your games. If a member here is from an area and there's a great game in that area, swell. If I see a few lines posted with "Looking for some ragin' werewolf funtime in the East Whatever area?" you're outta here.
2) Hate. Unfortunately this isn't a forum for people who are INTOLERANT. If you took the flaw, this isn't the place for you. I want people to talk and get along. I don't want any drama or wars. I don't want anything overly insulting to anyone posted here...and if someone has a problem, come to me to deal with it. Don't start your hate posts or send hate mail. If things get too out of control, i'll ban you all. Yes, even you. Hell, I'll talk to myself here.
3) Yes, I know I have two twos. I want you all to know that I have a sense of humor. It is dry and crumbly...but it's good. If you're a gamer, you'll like me just fine.