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Breaking the ice

I've been gaming for nearly 6 years now. I know to most of you that makes me a novice. You've all been playing D&D since before there was dirt on the ground or something. I've been playing D&D since 3rd ed came out. I've played Magic a few times back in 1997 but never collected any cards. If I had, knowing the pack rat I am, I'd have mox this and mox that and wouldn't have to worry about paying the rent this month because I just sold some of my alpha magic cards on ebay. Mostly, I've been LARPing. Unfortunately i'm most experienced in Mind's Eye Theater. I enjoy vampire LARPs as well as tabletop. They both have their pros and cons...major cons being that you're isolated from the world for hours upon hours at a time.

I also enjoy drinking and smoking.
I like videogames. I have all three systems, PS2, XBox, and Gamecube. The cube isn't all that impressive compared to the awesome (yes, I said awesome) power of the box.

As of a few months ago, I was a storyteller in one Vampire LARP...but I stopped due to personal problems. I run a vampire tabletop, and am a narrator in another vampire LARP.

I do also enjoy D&D and other games. I play 40k and Fantasy. My 40k army consists of tyranids. I painted them myself. 'eavy Metal scheme except they're primed black instead of white or bubonic.

In any case, I'm from Sunderland, MA. I'm originally from Korea. I'm adopted and grew up in NJ with an Italian mother and Jewish father. I went to Mount Holyoke College and graduated in 2003 with a degree in both biology and music. I am female. Whoa, a female gamer. I'm cute too. Whoa, an attractive female gamer? I am moving back to NJ sometime within the next few months because there is SHIT here for work. Fortunately there are lots of gaming stores here. There's lots of gamers here too. Unfortunately when you get closer to a metropolitan area, there's lots more to do which means there are significantly fewer individuals who take pleasure in sitting in a dark, dank basement rolling dice with each other. I find that disappointing slightly. Although it's good to get out once in a while, a hobby i've been working at for almost 6 years is going to flush away when I move.

Ok, I gave you MORE THAN EHOUGH TO WORK WITH. Start your talking. I give you permission to disagree with me. Anyone can disagree with anyone. It's the language, the attitude, and insults that I have no tolerance for.

So...join and write!
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